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Nancy S. Caplan, Esquire
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Separation & Divorce Mediation in the "Great Recession"

A whopping number of formerly financially solvent people are feeling more than a pinch from the economic downturn in this country. It has been dubbed the "Great Recession" in the news. We all know that Wall Street has rebounded from its lowest point. Unfortunately, both the jobs market and housing market lag far behind that rebound. This means that many people remain negatively affected by ripple-effect of the Wall Street crash of 2008.

As a result, many people are paralyzed in their troubled marriages. "Upside down" on mortgages (meaning more is owed on the mortgage than the house is worth) or having a spouse out-of-work can indefinitely stall plans to separate or divorce. This can create a treacherous emotional dynamic for a family.

Separation and divorce mediation is an excellent place to gain control of all of these issues. Separation and divorce mediation is typically far less expensive than attorney-led negotiations. With the guidance of the mediation professional, families can begin to construct a plan of action to diffuse the anger and frustration and settle pressing issues. Challenging times call for creative solutions. In separation and divorce mediation, creative solutions are generated which may be unavailable in Court. When parties make decisions together, each party is more willing to try to make that solution work. This feels far better than being "ordered" to do something by a judge, or having your spouse's attorney bully you into an Agreement. The very act of attorney-bullying can make an otherwise acceptable solution feel like the wrong solution. At that point resentment builds. Separation or divorce mediation, led by a neutral, settlement-minded divorce professional may guide you to the right solution in a way that sits comfortably with each party.

Don't be paralyzed due to the Great Recession. Life still must go on. Get "unstuck" with the help of a separation and divorce mediation professional, and move on to the "Great Recovery." Beginning with separation and divorce mediation is a positive, healthy first step to resolve issues arising from this overwhelming life change. Still not convinced? Attend a no cost separation and divorce Mediation Seminar and Q & A with Nancy Caplan, Attorney-Mediator. Reserve your space today at Get started rebuilding your family in its new form and resurrecting your individual lives.

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